My practice is about creating, making and experimenting. I combine my craft skills with photography to make everyday objects and then photograph them. In this way I create a connection between „ordinary“ life, fine art practice and my desire to create. True to the meaning of Bauhaus (building and house) I build structures from the materials that surround me, mainly paper.

These obvious “constructions” show objects, things, sometimes rooms which are never contained in themselves but rather present a “situation” between the interior and the exterior, similar to a paper-made dollhouse. Sometimes they
create associations like Thomas Demand’s images do, sometimes they emphasize their own materiality and demand a separate reading as physical objects representing indistinct emotions or memories.

Throughout my work I have been using paper, an ‘open’ material, that can be manipulated and doesn’t carry specific associations or memories with it. The process of making objects by hand detaches my practice from the limitations connected to location based shooting and allows me almost complete freedom in choosing my subject matter. Creating an object by hand is a very personal process; I have control over the outcome and also have to consider details I might have missed looking through a camera.

While working with an organic material I always contemplate different angles and I strive to make my images simple yet carefully considered. I’m very interested in the way artists create geometric structures and ratios in their practice.